Over at AboutFreelanceWriting.com I challenged writers to speak out. That post came about because at least two of is in our forum have expressed a sense that we must speak up about what’s happening politically, racially and, maybe most importantly, climate change.

Speaking out isn’t always easy

I was brought up to be a nice girl. That’s meant I haven’t come to speaking out on controversial topics, or even in my own defense or about my own needs easily. We we’re so darn polite in my only-child family!

Yikes! I remember the one shouting match I had as a teenager with my mom. We were both so embarrassed we stopped in the middle and never addressed either the issue or the shouting. Never!

I was in my early 40s, on a houseboat in a in Sausalito when a man across that chanel that I knew and trusted had a shouting match with a neighbor. I was horrified, but asked him about it. He explained he was from another culture – Puerto Rico – and the guy he had been arguing with was a long time friend. The shouting only meant they were passionate about the topic. That was a whole new view point to me, one that I still find rather amazing. This was before I moved to Galilee Harbor, the low income housing marina – and yeah, I’m bragging.  [click to continue…]


I was hoping we were done with this election, but it’s not to be apparently. And maybe we should be grateful. After all Trump’s whining about voter fraud, and he’s still complaining even though he appears to have won the election. That’s because Jill Stein and the Green Party have raised enough money to require a recount in Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, and looks like enough will be raised to include Michigan as well.

What Jill’s group will be looking for will be evidence of actual hacking of the voting machines. We’ve known forever that these machines are fairly easy to hack by those in the know. If they find this to be true it will be real evidence of true election fraud. If they don’t, it may set back the push to stop and rollback voter suppression.

Voter suppression

We’ve been hearing a lot about voter fraud and some about voter suppression. Wikipedia defines voter suppression this way:

Voter suppression is a strategy to influence the outcome of an election by discouraging or preventing people from voting.

American Thinker, hardly a liberal source, defined voter fraud this way:

Voter fraud, also known as vote fraud, election fraud, and electoral fraud, refers to the specific offenses of fraudulent voting, impersonation, perjury, voter registration fraud, forgery, counterfeiting, bribery, destroying already cast ballots… [click to continue…]


Kill the Black Snake – The Dakota Access Pipeline

I watched Mni Wiconi’s short film,  The Stand at Standing Rock this morning and heard the Dakota Access Pipeline referred to as a “black snake.” If, as some report, a black snake means trouble, sadness and depression, the Dakota Access Pipeline would certainly seem to qualify. The movie, which is already slightly out of date, gives the […]

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How do we stop the hate?

If the news is to be believed hate crimes against Muslims and other minorities are significantly since the election of Donald Trump. Even though these numbers are squishy because, as a country, we don’t do a great job tracking hate crimes, a truth is hate or rather it’s expression does seem to be on the […]

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Stuff We Really Want vs. Stuff That’s Sold to Us

It was back when the SUV, that pseudo station wagon truck, became so popular that I began to realize just how much marketing has to do with selling us  stuff. Over and over again I heard and read that the reason d’etre for the unsafe, fuel hogging vehicle was because the “customer demands them.” I didn’t believe it […]

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How Much Stuff Is In Storage?

Not long ago I took the trolley from National City where I live to the train station in downtown San Diego to to Santa Ana where I was picked up by my youngest son and grandson for a day’s visit. It’s about a two-hour trip. The occasion was my youngest granddaughter’s season-end gymnastic competition – amazing […]

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Writing 5 Minutes At A Time

There’s a theory that even super busy folks can get project like a blog or a book done if they devote only 5 minutes a day to it. This is more or less in addition to their normal duties. It’s purpose is to find a way to make progress on  something important that doesn’t have […]

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Buy American Will Create Jobs – And May Be More Sustainable

Everything is sooooo connected. In theory we know that – this video puts forth the idea that if we can increase buying American made goods it will create a million jobs in the USA. How to buy American made goods Of course, it’s not as easy to buy American as it once was. Reading labels […]

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Climate Change Solution? Let’s Try Mimicking Nature

We all know the planet is in trouble, or at least it is for critters like ourselves and who knows how many species. It’s easy to target big oil, and they (along with us) have their part to play. But there’s also big agriculture. And a whole lot of good intentioned bad science. Joanna Macy, […]

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A Truth About Connecting or When Someone Says ‘How Are You?’

“Hello, how are you?” “Fine, thanks, and you?” And so it goes. You ask how I am and I give you a pleasant sounding but knee-jerk response. Generally there’s no connection in this scenario that happens often several times a day. I told a bit of my truth A while back Intuit called to see […]

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