A Lovely Palm Tree Is Being Killed!

Right now the local utility company is chainsawing a lovely palm tree down at the edge of the canyon view lot I live on.

They’re killing it because it’s beginning to interfere with the utility pole. That pole holds my internet connection so it’s important to me.

So why do I feel a real sadness? The sound of the saw hurts me!

The tree is down and now they are cutting it up to get rid of it somehow.

I hate this.

I hate that the first thing they (we) think of is the tree has to go!

I know it would cost more to move the pole, but that would be my choice and I truly believe it is the right choice.

I don’t know when the palm was planted. I don’t know if it was planted deliberately or just grew there on it’s own.

I don’t know when the pole went in so I have no way of knowing if this killing could have been prevented by some forethought.

I can make a case that opening up that corner will actually be good for the other plants and trees. And it may be so. Pruning is often necessary.

I’m glad, and grateful for my internet connection. And I’ll probably quit noticing the gap, which is considerable, in a month or two.

My wish is that all beings be happy and free from fear.

Darn! I want to apologize not only to that palm but to all the other plant beings humans wantonly destroy.

When they’re done I’ll go down to the spot and do some sort of ritual to heal at least me.

Thanks for listening.

Love and blessings,

Anne Wayman: When Grandmother Speaks


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Carol Spong July 1, 2012 at 8:07 am

Hi Annie,
So sorry about your palm tree….
Fred and I have been in a clinic in St. Petersburg for more time than I think it took to create the world…with stomach bugs. He much worse than me. Looks as if we’ll be discharged tomorrow and coming home, I hope directly. Just since Thursday for Fred;Friday AM for me. Actually ,I was at the clinic sleeping on a cot in his room when I got sick. We’ve been being treated with IV meds. I wish I’d brought the ipad but I didn’t. So, I couldn’t remember passwords and opened this yahoo account so i could email our kids.
The trip was just getting off the ship on Friday and so we have missed the extension to Estonia and Helsinki. :<( A LOT of folks were sick and spent days at the clinic,too. Sure hate to be in this city and not be able to see more.
I DID get to see Swan Lake at the Hermitage theatre which was a real treat….as was the Moscow Circus. Russia is nothing like I expected it to be. The countryside is beautiful and we had a great home visit with a family (couple) married 50 years and lived in Siberia until 14 years ago. Raised their 2 girls there. I'm out of space, I see…how's Ben…you are in my thoughts. Love,

annew November 20, 2012 at 2:39 pm

Back in the day we were sold such a negative bill of goods about Russia!

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