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When Grandmother speaks the world will be healed.” I no longer remember when or where I first heard this Native American statement. I do remember the feeling I had when I first heard it – I was thrilled and challenged. I was also the grandmother of two.

What could I say that would heal the world? Would I recognize it? Do I know? Does anyone?

I’ve been pondering this as a two more grandkids were born and we all got older.

I’ve finally recognized that it’s unlikely I’ll be the grandmother who will speak the words to heal the planet, at least not by myself. But it may be that my words might help. If others, grandparents or not, join me, who knows, but I suspect we’re only limited by our imagination and belief.

That wish increased when I accepted Jonathan Fields’ challenge to begin each day on Twitter with the simple question: Who can I help today?

It’s a lovely way to start my day on the computer.

My name is Anne Wayman. Some of you know me from my writing blog, About Freelance Writing; others might recognize me from my book and website, Powerfully Recovered – a confirmed 12 Stepper challenges the movement – (www.powerfullyrecovered.com). I also blog with Ellie Winslow at Old Fat Broads Lose Weight. If you’re in San Diego who knows where we might have met.

Oh, and you can follow me on twitter at: http://twitter.com/AnneWayman

You can email me at: anne @ whengrandmotherspeaks . com

Now, who can I help today? Who can you help today?

Anne Wayman: When Grandmother Speaks