Buy American Will Create Jobs – And May Be More Sustainable

Everything is sooooo connected.

In theory we know that – this video puts forth the idea that if we can increase buying American made goods it will create a million jobs in the USA.

How to buy American made goods

Of course, it’s not as easy to buy American as it once was. Reading labels when you shop is a start, but I find I don’t find much that way. will let you search by American made – although when I see things like a Himalyan sald lamp come up I wonder.

There are directories like BuyAmerican and MadeintheUSA which can be helpful, although I find I’m not happy with their super-patriot themes. I do check on both when I’m doing some online shopping – not just to help with jobs or because I’m so patriotic, but because I suspect shipping within the US is less damaging that ordering products that have to cross an ocean.

What about other countries, other people?

Of course if we suddenly all started to buy 100 percent American – heck even 50 percent if it’s even possible – it would mean putting a whole bunch of people around the planet out of work. And that’s not good either.

I’ve recently switched to a more expensive coffee because a) it’s a local business and b) they work hard to make sure the coffees and teas the sell are Fair Trade. (If you’re in San Diego, it’s Cafe Moto and I’ll bet they would ship you a pound or 15 of their coffee if you paid the freight.) Fortunately they make great tasting coffee!

We’re still stuck on ‘growth’

In this country, at least, we’re still stuck on the idea that we need growth to have jobs and a ‘good’ economy. But depending on ever increasing consumption to fuel the economy is simply not sustainable.

The trouble is we don’t know how to make the transition. In fact there’s not a ton of agreement on exactly what a sustainable world would look like. Google what would a sustainable society look like and all sorts of things come up.

EarthFirst does, I think, a credible job of defining the problem and even beginning to propose some solutions in an article called What Would A Real Transition To A Sustainable Society Look Like? But it’s only a start at understanding the problem and examining a few possible solutions. Better than nothing, but a long way toward a map to solving the problem.

Maybe a map isn’t possible. Maybe it’s everyone of us making tiny or large changes – in our homes, our churches, our businesses, our communities. With luck, maybe our great great grandkids will be able to look back and see where and even how the shift took place.

However  it turns out to be it’s not going to be either easy or fast (probably).

Giving up delusion

In my zen sangha ( we talk about letting go of ignorance or delusion.

We’ve been living in denial or delusion about our part in climate change for quite awhile. While I don’t know how or even if there’s a way to fix it, I’m certain there will be no concerted effort if we continue to deny that there is a problem. As much as I love to hide from truth, it just doesn’t work – not for long.

When I was learning how to facilitate symposiums for Awakening The Dreamer I was truly surprised to realize that most of the human- caused environmental degradation has happened in my life-time! That’s fast.

So maybe the question is: What can you do right now, today, to help break up the denial and delusion? What might we do together? 

Love, blessings, and abundance,

Anne Wayman: When Grandmother Speaks



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