Speak Out – About What?

Over at AboutFreelanceWriting.com I challenged writers to speak out. That post came about because at least two of is in our forum have expressed a sense that we must speak up about what’s happening politically, racially and, maybe most importantly, climate change.

Speaking out isn’t always easy

I was brought up to be a nice girl. That’s meant I haven’t come to speaking out on controversial topics, or even in my own defense or about my own needs easily. We we’re so darn polite in my only-child family!

Yikes! I remember the one shouting match I had as a teenager with my mom. We were both so embarrassed we stopped in the middle and never addressed either the issue or the shouting. Never!

I was in my early 40s, on a houseboat in a in Sausalito when a man across that chanel that I knew and trusted had a shouting match with a neighbor. I was horrified, but asked him about it. He explained he was from another culture – Puerto Rico – and the guy he had been arguing with was a long time friend. The shouting only meant they were passionate about the topic. That was a whole new view point to me, one that I still find rather amazing. This was before I moved to Galilee Harbor, the low income housing marina – and yeah, I’m bragging. 

One of the reasons I returned to the zen center where I now live is I realized I left because I didn’t know how or didn’t dare speak up about an issue that was important to me. After leaving that first time I gradually came to see how things might have been different if I’d spoken up. I vowed to learn how to do so. It was one of the reasons I moved back.speak out

And I have. It hasn’t always been pretty, and speaking hasn’t always changed things. But I have learned that it’s totally okay, and sometimes called for, to say what I believe.

I’ve also learned that it pays to pick my battles.

I don’t have time or energy to address every political issue I’m concerned about. So I’m actively looking for a local group to join – one that I will actually go to and participate in. And I’m sorting through topics I want to address. Hence a list:

  • Speaking up – one reason I’m wearing a safety pin or even two so I can give one away. I also sign a bunch of online petitions. Sometimes they work.
  • Stopping/slowing climate change
  • Racism and discrimination of any sort
  • Economic inequality
  • Cruelty to animals

How long a list do I want?

I also want to note what’s working. That may be as important as pointing out what’s wrong. I know I can move into a sense of helplessness in a heartbeat.

As you can see I’m sorting through a whole bunch of stuff.

How are you approaching these issues? I’d really like to know.

Love, blessings and abundance,

Anne Wayman: When Grandmother Speaks

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