What Do You Love? Who Do You Love

You know, when I think of particularly, but not exclusively, the women I’ve known and know now, I’d say the biggest problem we’ve all had is low self-worth or poor self-esteem. And yes, some men suffer the same way. At least in the United States.

I’ve also come to believe that low self-esteem supports patriarchy, racism, trashing the planet in the name of profit and more.

Low self-worth means I don’t challenge those in power as much as I might because I’m afraid. Afraid I’ll be laughed at, marginalized, even killed.

The antidote to low self-esteem is learning to really know our own worth, to accept it and even revel in it.

I was delighted when someone sent me this video:

The link to it came from Upworthy – a site worth getting familiar with.

Will developing self-esteem stop the Keystone XL pipeline? End racism? Bring peace to the world? Or even help me lose 20 pounds?

Not directly, but as our real self-worth increases we’re able to speak out more often and more clearly about things we know in our soul need to be changed.

This video is a great tool.

What’s your take on this video and the importance of developing good self-esteem?

Love, blessings and abundance,

Anne Wayman: When Grandmother Speaks



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