Renew Hope, Change The Dream

I don’t know about you, but when I really look at the state of our planet I get discouraged – at least I did until hope and the right kind of dreaming were restored to me yesterday.

Sort of against my “better intellectual judgement,” I attended an Awakening The Dreamer Symposium yesterday. I’m grateful I listened to that still small voice rather than my nattering thinking mind and went.

The goal of the symposium is:

To bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on the planet.

The method is to change the dream.

The idea of the dream in this sense is the thought and experience of many indigenous people who say, in one way or another, that our dream is what creates our world.

In the United States that might be roughly analogous to “what you think is what you get,” or “change your thinking and change your world.”

I say roughly analogous because for many of us in the west that attempt to control happens within the dream of the west. How could it be otherwise?

One way to see our current western dream is one of separation from each other and all that’s natural, and the universe in general. That sense of separation also known as individualism is totally untrue. Science is proving what the mystics have long taught: we are in fact part of the universal whole – and when we feel seperate we tend to try to fill that emptyness with stuff.

Okay, there’s a whole lot more to it than that, of course, or maybe not. This morning, after the symposium, those are the highlights that sing out to me.

The symposium is presented in four parts. The first half of the day is designed to get you in touch with your feelings… you know, all that fear and grief and despair so many of us feel. It works. In fact I got in touch with my anger at all the destruction in a way I never had before. It wasn’t pleasant.

By the end, fortunately, I was left with a renewed hope and even optimism.

We can change the dream. Each one of us has a part to play in that. Part of my part became obvious. I’m a writer so I renewed my commitment to find ways to write that will support a planet that works for all.

Another piece happened for me yesterday, and that was the sense that I have people around me who will help, who as they play their own part, will work with me and I will work with them.

Almost at the end of the presentation we were asked to imagine what a conversation with our great great grandchildren might be like when they asked us what our role was in creating an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on the planet, when we helped save ourselves and all beings, when we went through rescue to transformation.

I don’t yet know how I might answer that question, but I no longer feel I would be speechless and ashamed.

The final part of the day was this video from Four years. Go.

How will you help change the dream today?

Anne Wayman: When Grandmother Speaks

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