Commitment To Positive Shift On The Planet

I attended Awakening The Dreamer again – this time with a crowd of almost 200 people.

Again I was struck that most of the major environmental damage has occurred during my lifetime. (I’m 68 if you’re counting.)

Of course there was pollution and damage before then, and the Industrial Revolution of the 1800s is probably the place the damage we think of today actually began.  But it was after World War II that the “advancements” in petro-chemicals that would do everything from clean ovens to raise crops were developed. When coupled with the population growth, the damage done while drilling for oil, and the thoughtless disposal of so much that isn’t even remotely biodegradable in even a couple of lifetimes, its safe to say that most of the problems have developed over the last 50, 60 or 70 years.

It’s so tempting to fall into despair, but again I left with renewed hope and commitment.

My first commitment is to this blog – mostly the behind the scenes marketing of it. This is my voice about changing the dream, about beginning to really look at what I’m doing and how it might be felt down the road, say Seven Generations or so, and to share that as widely as I can right here.

It’s here too where I’ll post things like:

During the symposium I was again reminded, this time at a visceral level, that we actually are all connected; we’re all of star-stuff, and so is every other thing on and off this planet.

Something is stirring. We do have an influence, even it it’s tiny. Collectively we can and do make a difference.

What kind of commitment will you make?

Love and blessings,

Anne Wayman: When Grandmother Speaks

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