Decorah Eagle Chicks Live

The live cam in Decorah Iowa is working well and showing off the glorious eagle checks in all sorts of weather.

It’s so tempting to anthropomorphize them. But when I pretend I know what they are thinking, or compare their actions to dogs and cats, I’m only fooling myself.

These eagles, both adult and young, are totally other.

I mean how could I know what life is like 60 feet in the air, accessible by wings instead of hands? I can’t, and to think otherwise is to fool myself.

And yet, here we are together on this small blue planet suspended somehow in space. We have some things in common, like the need for food and shelter and to bare and care for young. We are, as Thich Nhat Hahn might say, interbeing.


Tip: On the right hand side of the eagles’ browser window are links to some other wildlife web cams.

Love and blessings,

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