Feeling My Way To Connections

I’ve been rereading Joanna Macy’s World As Lover, World as Self. I picked it up because of the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, along our Gulf Coast.

I took a workshop with Macy years ago and there she talked about the need each of us has to grieve what we’ve done and what’s happening to the planet. As oil continues to pour out of that broken well I can barely bring myself to watch the multitude of webcams documenting the continuing crisis.

Apparently I never read the whole book way back then. As I’m moving through it now I’m finding she has distilled many Buddhist teachings in a way that truly resonates with me.

What occurred to me this morning was to contemplate how often my thinking tends to see me as a separate individual with little or no connection to the whole. Yet the spiritual paths I know assure us we are all part of the whole, that “… the kingdom… is within…” (Luke17:21KJV). Science, particularly systems theory and quantum physics, would seem to prove those connections.

So how would my thinking, feeling and behavior change if that knowledge of connection, of reciprocity were really grounded in my being. What would happen if I replaced my(!) feelings of separateness and isolation with a knowing deep down I truly am part of the whole and that what I do or don’t do is part of how it all works out?

I found myself wondering if it was possible greed came from the fear that sense of separateness brings and I think perhaps it is. For I do believe it’s fear that is the basis of the hell-bent-drive for profits at any cost attitude that apparently was at least partially responsible for the deep water oil well explosion that is resulting in an environmental crisis of as yet unknown and unrecognized proportion.

If, as some Native American tribes were wont to do, we actually thought in terms of not today, or tomorrow or even our own children and grand children, but on out to the Seventh Generation, which is another way of expressing how we’re part of the whole, wildly different choices would have been made with very different results.

I’d like to move more in that direction which is why I’m(!) actively working to feel my way to more connection.

How does this resonate with you? Let’s talk about it.

Love and blessing,

Anne Wayman

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Carol June 18, 2010 at 5:59 pm

I like this…love the idea of thinking out 7 generations.
Thanks for this.

annew June 18, 2010 at 6:02 pm

Seven generations is certainly a way not to take myself too seriously… and also makes urgency seem, well, less urgent. Thanks for being here.

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