It’s A Matter Of Attention

Two cats paying attentionYesterday I didn’t see the hawks. Although I was tempted to blame them, as in “where did they go,” I realized the cause was more likely within myself. I was busy, busy, busy.

Some place along the way I realized that although what I was doing was (probably) important, I really hadn’t stopped to look for my young flying friends.

This morning I determined to pay more attention, and sure enough, there they were. This time they were flying back and forth through the canyon, mostly below me.

Years ago I had a realization that one of my jobs was to smile at all babies.

Today I realized that one of my jobs is to slow down enough to enjoy the hawks!

Where could you slow down and pay attention?

Love and blessings,

Anne Wayman

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Carol July 21, 2010 at 9:34 pm

Wise woman you are…nice little piece.

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