Something Always Goes Missing

Is it a universal law that when you move at least one box goes missing? And is it part of that law that the missing box will have at least one treasure and at least a couple of other things you’d really like to have in the new place?

That seems to be true in my life. And as usual, I didn’t  discover  important stuff was missing until it was way to late to ask the folks to helped move me if they ended up with a stray box.

I finally got it together to do some seed planting in my vegetable garden. Sure it’s “too late;” mid summer isn’t the greatest time to plant, but I live in San Diego so I know I can plant pretty much anytime and get decent results.

I couldn’t find many of my Seeds of Change seeds! I had a lovely selection of lettuce, maybe some carrots and perhaps some other stuff.

I like Seeds of Change because they are organic, non-genetically modified and they also have great heirloom seeds. I get them from my now very local nursery, City Farmer. It’s at the foot of the canyon, which I’ve discovered is known as the 47th Street Canyon (how’s that for imagaination!). Bill has been there forever, knows his plants and seeds and I love dealing with local business when I can.

The other thing that’s now missing is a delightful card a close friend hand-painted for me. The seeds are replaceable, the card isn’t.

Time before last that I moved some of my alter pieces went missing, including a tiny Kwan Yin on a boat. I hope whoever got it is still appreciating it.

I’ve decided to treat this and other loses like it as lessons in letting go. After all, stuff is just stuff and I was fine before I discovered it was missing and, in truth, I’m fine now.

I find lots in life is like that.

What have you let go of recently?

Love and blessings,

Anne Wayman

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