What Would It Be Like?

What I’m reading (one essay a day before meditation): Engaged Buddhist Reader

What would it be like if I really knew the trees outside my window and those in the rain forest were my lungs – making it possible for me to breathe?

What would it be like if I knew the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster was directly because I demand electricity to run my computer, coffee pot and heat?

What if we really understood that we are not separate from the world around us?

What if we let go of the damaging myth of rugged individualism in favor of a more mutually responsible way of living?

What if our leaders knew these things too?  And if at least most people had the same insight?

How would our collective behavior be different? How would our indivivual behavior be different?

I’m working with Awakening The Dreamer to change the dream.

Please, share what you’re doing, and let us know how we can support your efforts.

Love and blessings,

Anne Wayman: When Grandmother Speaks

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